Snowflake Series 2016-2017

2 Day Kickoff!



Congratulations to our riders going to the Colonial Classic Horse Show!


Quick links to August 13-14 CESHS Show Schedule and Entry Form.


Nancy Ashway

Melissa Hawkins

Steward: Rand Thaw


We will still run the CESHS Medals and the Derbies. However, they will count towards next year.

Wishing the best of luck to our 12 competitors showing at the Colonial Classic Local Champions September 3rd and 4th, 2016! Haven Harrison on Kettlekorn, Lilly Anthony on Mighty Mouse, Lilly Paquette on Felix Felicius, Kylie Thompson on Fit To Bee Queen, Kylie Thompson on Benlea Crimson Tide, Alexandria Russell on Boy Toy, Alexandria Russell on Plot Twist, Martha McCurdy on Sonny San Dee Bar, Lauren Paulsen on Northstar, Riley Murray on Midnight Magic, Gina Ellis on Memory Lane and Jamie Fishinger on Black Meadows Attitude.


Spring and Summer at AGS!

Colonial Classic Horse Show

​Harrisburg, PA

CESHS 2 Day Show at AGS




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