LCF Equitation Medal

  • ​Lea Herling
  • Meredith Walston
  • Cameron Wynn
  • Cali Holley
  • Cora McClanahan
  • Genevieve Dixon
  • Marci-Beth Hoy
  • Emma Morris
  • Avery Scott
  • Paige Guleppsie

Atlantic Hotel Classic

  • ​Black Meadows Attitude
  • Reve de Souvenir
  • Plot Twist
  • Oakey Dokey Smokey
  • Esquire
  • Karbonado
  • Memory Lane
  • Lucky Champ
  • Dutch Wonder
  • Paprika Divine

Classic and Medal Finalists for March 9th-10th Snowflake Finals!

Serving the Ocean City area since 2002

AGS Mini Classic

  • ​She Takes the Cake
  • Miss Priss
  • Steele N Cookies
  • Surfer Boy
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Larking Past the Bar
  • The Solid Contender
  • Double Dutch
  • Endless Possibilities
  • Russian In Black

Check out the Horse Show Info Page for all the latest information regarding the 2018-2019 Snowflake Series Horse Show! Results have been posted from the first 7 shows. The last 2 shows of the series is March 9th-10th. Entries received by Tuesday, March 5th will receive $10 off the Grounds/Admin Fees each day. Hope to see you there!

Summertime FUN at AGS

Please email Tara Ellis at no later then February 25th if you plan to compete. 

AGS Equitation Medal

  • Jamie Fishinger
  • Kylie Thompson
  • Alexandria Russell
  • Madison Clayton
  • Katelynn Cronin
  • Martha McCurdy
  • Gabby Malone
  • Hannah Jeffrey
  • Moorea Phillips
  • Riley Murray